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Our Mission

Today, fifteen years after its initial launch, is completing a major redesign and re-launch. However, the site's mission remains the same: to provide access to State Tax help, information and services.

The site's main function is the free State Tax Help search engine or "State Tax Finder." Visitors can search for answers to State Tax questions or find out how to access State Tax services. Each State Tax resource description outlines important information and available services.

Our History (formerly was launched in an effort to provide CPAs with easy, online access to accounting, tax and business information. State Tax Central was introduced in 1998, followed by many other websites for CPAs and some for non-CPAs, including taxmOuth in 2009 and lawmOuth in 2010.

Prior to the launch of, persons needing State Tax help and information had to spend hours and days, searching through a confusing web of sites, often unsuccessfully. There was no easy-to-use, single source of State Tax information to help everyone understand which State Tax services they might need, or how to obtain those services.

With the advent of State Tax Central's State Tax help and information, people are able to quickly and successfully find the information they want and get and the State Tax services they need.

Our Management and Partners organizes and links to dozens of government organizations that provide State Tax help and information to businesses and individuals. We are continuously expanding and improving our value to citizens and businesses, saving taxpayer money while improving their lives.

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