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Connecticut Property Tax Links:

Connecticut Judicial Branch Contains juror info, courts, bar exam results, libraries, news, publications and more. Tax resources include access to court decisions. Comprehensive and complete resource.
Connecticut Legislative Info Very easy access to various legislative committees, including latest agenda and latest minutes. Great search facilities for bills and legislators. Excellent time-saving resources.
Connecticut Statutes The Statutes Text Search database includes the General Statutes revised to January 1, 2015.
Connecticut Tax Code Tax Code from the General Statutes of Connecticut, revised to January 1, 2013. Title 12 Chapters 201 to 229a
(Secs. 12-1 to 12-834). Prepared under the direction of the Legislative Commissioners' Office.
Connecticut Tax Forms Tax Forms for the state of Connecticut.
FAQ: Connecticut Information Publications List of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services DRS Publications.
FAQ: Connecticut Taxpayer's Rights This Policy Statement explains the Connecticut Taxpayer Bill of Rights.
Real and Personal Property Tax Inquiries The property tax is administered by each city and town in Connecticut. If you have general questions about the property tax, you may contact...

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