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Georgia Department of Revenue Administers the tax laws and unclaimed property of the State of Georgia.
Georgia Tax Forms State of Georgia Business and Personal Tax Forms.
FAQ: Georgia Computerized Form 500, Individuals Questions about the New Computerized Version of the Georgia Form 500.
FAQ: Georgia Credits, Individuals Questions about common Georgia tax credits for individuals.
FAQ: Georgia Electronic Filing, Corporations Am I mandated to file electronically?
FAQ: Georgia Electronic Filing, Individuals How do I file my return electronically?
FAQ: Georgia Estate Tax On and after July 1, 2014, there shall be no estate taxes levied by the state and no estate tax returns shall be required by the state of Georgia.
FAQ: Georgia Estimated Tax, Individuals What are the requirements for filing and paying estimated tax?
FAQ: Georgia Individuals, Filing Requirements Georgia filing requirements for Residents, Nonresidents, Part-Year Residents, and Military Personnel.
FAQ: Georgia Individuals, General Questions General tax questions of common interest to Georgia taxpayers.

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