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Auditing Fundamentals (TX) Written for the auditor, consisting of procedures, other than those dealing with laws and rules, to be followed in audit situations (Rev. 06/08, Prev. Rev. 07/98).
Bank and Financial Handbook (CA) The purpose of this handbook is to provide auditors with an overview of how the financial industry operates, identification of issues unique to the financial industry, techniques on how to develop the facts relative to the issues, and the department's position on the issues (Revised: October 2003).
Collection Procedure Manual (CA) Collection secrets of the California Franchise Tax Board.
Manual of Audit Procedures (MAP). Replaced the General Tax Audit Manual. Procedures and guidelines for completing all types of California tax audits.
Multistate Audit Techniques Manual (CA) California MATM contains discussions of the laws, cases and department policies affecting multistate taxpayers, and audit steps and techniques for examining multistate taxpayers in California.
Water's Edge Manual (CA) Introduces the water's-edge law in terms of its general outline and key features, its history, and its relationship to the federal international tax system. Discusses audit problems, techniques and specialized procedures. Contains guidance for resolving special issues that auditors encounter (Revised: January 2004).

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