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State Miscellaneous Tax Categories:

Alcoholic Beverages
State Alcoholic Beverage Tax
Bank and Financial Company
State Bank Tax
Capital Stock
State Capital Stock Tax
Chain Stores
State Chain Store Tax
Cigarettes and Tobacco
State Tobacco Tax
City Tax
County Tax
Document Recording
State Document Recording Tax
Electronic Funds Transfer
State Tax EFT
State Energy Tax
State Environmental Tax
Gross Receipts
State Gross Receipts Tax
Information Reporting
State Information Reporting
Initial Organization and Qualification
State Qualification
Insurance Gross Premiums
State Gross Premium Tax
Licenses Fees and Occupations
State Occupation Tax
State Mineral Tax
Motor Fuels and Gasoline
State Fuel Tax
Motor Vehicles
State Motor Vehicle Tax
State Occupancy Tax
Public Utilities and Transportation
State Public Utility Tax
Severance and Production
State Severance Tax
State Stamp Tax
Stock Transfer
State Stock Transfer Tax

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State Miscellaneous Tax Links:

Individual State Tax Collections by Type of Tax Tax amounts collected by each states for sales tax, incomes taxes, property tax and many other taxes.
Total State Tax Collections by Type of Tax Proportion of tax collected by all states for sales tax, incomes taxes, property tax and other taxes since 1902.
Various State Tax Rates (Multistate) Each state's rates for sales and use, gasoline, cigarette and alcohol taxes.
Goldberg v. Sweet, 488 U.S. 252 (1989) Tax on interstate telecommunications satisfies the four-pronged test set forth in Complete Auto Transit, Inc.
Tyler Pipe Industries v. Department of Revenue, 483 U.S. 232 (1987) Commerce Clause violated by tax exemption for local manufacturer. Nexus and fair apportionment challenges rejected.

State Miscellaneous Tax Related Categories:

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