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Auditing Fundamentals (TX) Written for the auditor, consisting of procedures, other than those dealing with laws and rules, to be followed in audit situations (Rev. 06/08, Prev. Rev. 07/98).
Sales and Use Tax Manuals (CA) The two official manuals used by the Board of Equalization in conducting sales and use tax audits: 1. the Audit Manual and 2. the Compliance Policy and Procedures Manual. "All members of the audit staff should carefully study it in order for audits to be conducted and reports prepared in a uniform manner consistent with approved tax auditing practices."
Sales Tax Policy/Procedures Manual (TX) Audit procedures and documentation, taxability, local jurisdictions, quick reference.
Sales/Use Tax Auditors Training Manual (MO) The unedited, official manual "intended to be an additional tool for the audit staff in applying Missouri sales/use tax laws, regulations and court cases."
Weathering a State Tax Audit (TX) Short article by Arlie Willis published in the 4th Q, 1998 Texas Petroleum and C-Store Journal. Good overview of Texas sales and use tax audits as they relate to convenience stores. Includes many helpful tips and suggestions.

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