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Nebraska Sales Tax Links:

FAQ: Nebraska Sales and Use Tax Frequently asked questions about Nebraska sales and use tax on tangible personal property and certain services
Nebraska Department of Revenue Official Nebraska State Government Tax website.
Nebraska Legislative Info Information about the Nebraska legislative process, the history of the Unicameral system, as well as an in-depth description of the budget process.
Nebraska Revenue Rulings Revenue Rulings Issued by the Tax Commissioner of Nebraska.
Nebraska Statutes Searchable statutes, Constitution, UCC and more.
Nebraska Tax Code Revenue Statutes (Chapter 77). Laws pertaining to Nebraska Revenue and Taxation.
Nebraska Tax Forms Most Nebraska tax forms are available in a fill-in format, meaning you can view, complete, and print the form from your computer.
Nebraska: Voluntary Disclosure Program Nebraska Voluntary Disclosure Program encourages any business engaged in multistate commerce to voluntarily resolve any potential Nebraska sales/use tax, income tax, or other miscellaneous Nebraska tax liabilities, if certain criteria apply. This is not an amnesty program.

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