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FAQ: New Hampshire Business Enterprise Tax (BET) A 0.75 percent tax is assessed on the enterprise value tax base. This base is the sum of all compensation paid or accrued PLUS interest paid or accrued PLUS dividends paid by the business enterprise (before special adjustments and apportionment).
FAQ: New Hampshire General Questions Visit the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration "Contact Us" web page for information about business hours, telephone numbers, mailing address, and map & driving directions
FAQ: New Hampshire Hearings Bureau The Hearings Bureau is an agency, within the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration, which provides a forum for appeals by taxpayers dissatisfied with a decision of the Commissioner for the Department.
FAQ: New Hampshire Meals and Rooms (Rentals) Tax A 9 percent tax (effective 7/1/2009) is assessed on rooms, meals and motor vehicle rentals.
FAQ: New Hampshire Municipal Services Establishes tax rates, provides technical assistance and trains municipal officials on property assessment.
FAQ: New Hampshire Tax Notices How to read a Notice of Assessment from New Hampshire tax authorities.
New Hampshire Administrative Rules The Division of Administrative Rules (Division) is the New Hampshire state government office where all proposed and adopted administrative rules subject to RSA 541-A, the Administrative Procedure Act, must be filed by state executive branch agencies to make the adopted rules effective and therefore have the force of law. Together the effective agency rules comprise the New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules.
New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration Click on "Site Preview & Search" to view a summary of this resource or to search the resource web site before you visit.
New Hampshire Judicial Info This link is for various state courts and cases. If you're looking for the New Hampshire General Court (the state legislature), try New Hampshire Legislative Info.
New Hampshire Legislative Info Portal to the New Hampshire State Legislature.

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