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New York Individual Tax Links:

New York Department of Taxation and Finance New York state taxes for individuals and businesses.
FAQ: New York Clean Heating Fuel Credit Refundable tax credit for bioheat used in residential heating or hot water production.
FAQ: New York College Tuition Credit and Deductions Where can I get information about New York State's college tuition credit and deductions?
FAQ: New York Federal Refund Offset Program (FROP) What is the Federal Refund Offset Program?
FAQ: New York Individual Direct Deposit I requested direct deposit for my personal income tax refund. When will I get my money?
FAQ: New York Individual Income Tax Individual Taxpayer Answer Center.
FAQ: New York Individual Income Tax E-File If I e-file my income tax return, do I have to mail anything to the Tax Department?
FAQ: New York Individual Income Tax Extension I requested a federal extension of time to file. Do I also have to request a New York State extension?
New York City: Amnesty New York City Tax Amnesty calculator.

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