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Free Help

Note that most of your everyday state tax questions can be answered in less than 15 minutes by using the following resource:

State Tax Central Help

If that doesn't work for you, see our Fee-Based Services below.

Fee-Based Services for Non-Members

Questions which require quick answers will normally cost $59, which is our minimum fee for services provided via the Internet. More complex situations (usually for corporations and other business entities) may require additional fees. We'll let you know if they do before we begin researching your question.

Turn-around time is usually less than 24 hours. Click here for free samples of the type of assistance that you can expect for this minimum fee amount.

Discounted Fees for Members

If you purchase a State Tax Central membership (normally $149/year; special $99/year tax-season offer), quick answers are only $29 each, with two free follow-up questions relating to the original question. In addition, you get a free listing in the CPAide Tax and Accounting Directory.

When you are ready, submit your question.

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