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What is State Tax Central?

State Tax Central is the official State Tax Help website of CPAide, providing CPAs and business people with an online tool to help them find State Tax Services and information that they may need to receive.

State Tax Central provides State Tax Services and State Tax advice. State Tax Central is not designed to be a comprehensive listing of all state tax services that you may need. Its purpose is to provide you with a list of important State Tax Services, as well as State Tax information.

State Tax Central organizes and links to hundreds of government organizations that provide State Tax Help to businesses and individuals. These organizations have a shared vision: to provide improved access to State Tax information. For more information about the organizations that State Tax Central links to, review the "Management and Partners" section on the State Tax Central Overview page

How often should I visit State Tax Central?

Many of the resources on State Tax Central are free, so you can visit whenever you like. We recommend that you visit State Tax Central whenever you need State Tax assistance. As state tax law and/or your own business changes, your need to receive State Tax assistance may have changed. Additionally, new State Tax assistance programs are created over time that you might also need.

How does the Search function work?

The Search function finds state tax information and services related to the words or phrases you enter into the search box. Capitalization is not considered by the Search function. Keep in mind that the quality of your results depends heavily on the words that you use. See the State Tax Help Finder page for tips to make your search more effective:

What should I know about Free State Tax Help?

Some people visit State Tax Central after seeing unofficial advertisements that indicate certain web sites will give "free answers" to essentially anyone for any State Tax questions. A qualified state tax professional will not give you free answers to important State Tax questions just because you ask for it.

Here are some facts about getting free or low-cost State Tax assistance that some ads may not mention:

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has complex and detailed rules of professional conduct that govern the provision of public accounting services, which can include state tax advice. Non-members of the AICPA are not required to follow these rules
The various State Boards of Accountancy each have their own complex and detailed rules of professional conduct that govern the provision of public accounting services (including state tax advice) in their state. Non-CPAs are not required to follow these rules.
Virtually none of the free Internet bulletin boards that offer free tax advice comply with the requirements promulgated by the AICPA and the State Boards of Accountancy.

Now, what can State Tax Central do for you? We can help you start your State Tax Help Search by connecting you to State Tax websites you may use to receive state tax information, forms and law.

Visit our State Tax Help homepage and try the following options:

Use the State Tax Help Finder Use the State Tax Help Search. Your search query will instantly generate a list of state tax resources that deal with all state tax assistance categories.
Browse Resources Have a specific need? Select "Resources" at the top of the page to browse state Taxes by state, by category or other.

How can I determine which State Tax services I may need to receive?

Use the State Tax Finder to obtain initial results, which is a list of State Taxes you may be interested in, based on the search terms you provided.

You can then click through the links provided to obtain more information about relevant state tax services you may need. After you find a service that suits your situation, you can contact State Tax Central in order to obtain the state tax services you need.

What if I want a State Tax Services from State Tax Central?

You can request state tax assistance programs directly on the State Tax Central website. Simply go to Contact State Tax Central and submit your request.

Where did a State Tax Service that was previously available go?

State Tax Services come and go based on changing laws and service constraints. As laws change, new legislation is passed, or the time limits for certain programs are reached, State Tax services may be affected. Eligibility requirements for state tax amnesty may change or the entire program may be eliminated. Therefore, a State Tax Service that may have once been suggested may no longer be available.

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