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If you want to do your own State Tax Research, then keep in mind the following suggestions:

  1. Less is More. Start by entering a word or two in the search box. If you're looking for State Tax Help in a particular state, enter the name of that state in the search box. You can always refine your search by adding more words if you need.

  2. Lower [case] is Better. Don't worry about capitalizing search terms. You will get the same results whether you do or not. Forget punctuation, too. It just doesn't matter.

  3. Remember that we list only state tax-related links! We've already sifted through the unimportant listings that other search engines provide. When you search State Tax Central, use key words that are more general than you would use on other search engines. For example, instead of "California sales tax help," simply search for "California" or "sales tax" for better results.

  4. When you browse, note that the State Tax Help by Category page is where you can find various categories or types of law. If you're looking for specific state law, click on one of the states listed under State Tax Help by State using the menus at at the top or bottom of each page.

  5. After you arrive at a particular state's main reference page, note that you will find links to State Tax Help at the top of the page. If you scroll down a bit, you will see a "Related Categories" section with links to various subcategories, or types, of state taxes. The "State Tax Services" links are good places to start looking for professional help you need with your state and local taxes.

  6. Click on "Advanced Search" below (or at the top of any page) in order to refine your search to include key words, phrases or the logical "AND"/"OR" options. Try again below to locate what it is you're looking for.

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