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Multistate Tax Commission: Voluntary Disclosure Allows a tax non-filer with potential liability in multiple U.S. states (including DC) to negotiate a settlement agreement regarding back liability on favorable terms through a single point of contact and a single, uniform procedure.
Arizona: Amnesty Arizona offered a tax amnesty program that began May 1, 2009 and ended June 1, 2009 for Individual and Corporate taxes.
Arizona: Voluntary Disclosure Program The voluntary disclosure program is available to all businesses that want to come into compliance with Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax, Use Tax, and Corporate Tax Laws. In most instances, this process is initiated by a company’s representative and submitted on an anonymous basis. Terms and conditions are negotiated on an individual, factual basis.
Arkansas: Tax Amnesty Arkansas tax amnesty ended September, 2004.
Arkansas: Voluntary Disclosure Program The Department's position on Voluntary Disclosures is determined by the facts presented by each applicant.
California FTB: Voluntary Disclosure The Voluntary Disclosure Program allows qualified taxpayers to disclose their unpaid California tax liabilities voluntarily ONLY for the immediately preceding six income years.
California SBE: Offer in Compromise An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a proposal to pay the Board of Equalization an amount that is less than the full sales tax or fee liability due on a closed account.
Colorado: Amnesty Colorado Tax Amnesty ended November 15, 2011.
Colorado: City of Boulder Sales/Use Tax Voluntary Disclosure In order to enter into a voluntary disclosure agreement, the City of Boulder requires that the company provide certain information, representations and warranties.
Colorado: Voluntary Disclosure Program The department requires a three-year lookback period for sales and use tax and a four year lookback for income tax.

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