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FAQ: DC Business Common Errors Many errors, while not serious enough to cause a return to be sent back, will delay your tax refund.
FAQ: DC Individual Common Errors Each tax season, DC sends back tax returns because of errors made by taxpayers which delays refunds.
FAQ: DC Individual Income - General General questions about filing and tax forms.
FAQ: DC Individual Income - Payment/Refund Common questions about refunds and tax payment options.
FAQ: DC Individual Income - Special Circumstances Income tax answers for part-year residents and residents who work in another state.
FAQ: DC Real Property - Assessments and Appeals Common questions about how property is assessed and how to appeal the property tax assessment.
FAQ: DC Real Property - Tax Credits Answers to questions about Senior and Homestead property tax credits.
FAQ: DC Real Property - Tax Rates and Billing Answers regarding real property tax classes and rates.

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