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FAQ: Delaware 1099 and W-2 Information Returns What options are available for W-2 and 1099 submission?
FAQ: Delaware Blue Collar Job Act Credit The Blue Collar Job Act provides businesses that create jobs, tax credits against corporate or personal income taxes, gross receipts tax, and public utility tax.
FAQ: Delaware Certificate of Clearance and Good Standing The Secretary of State issues Certificates of Good Standing for franchise taxes. The Division of Revenue issues Certificates of Tax Clearance for corporate and personal income taxes.
FAQ: Delaware Dissolving a Corporation If the corporation conducted any business in Delaware, you will need to notify the Delaware Division of Revenue of its dissolution.
FAQ: Delaware Doing Business Any company that does business in Delaware has two or more requirements...
FAQ: Delaware Franchise Tax All Delaware corporations (regardless of where they conduct business) must file an Annual Franchise Tax Report and pay Franchise Tax.
FAQ: Delaware Internet Sales Persons conducting business via the Internet are not treated any differently than persons conducting business by traditional means.
FAQ: Delaware License and Gross Receipts Taxes Who is required to pay Delaware's Gross Receipts Tax?
FAQ: Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC) How does Delaware classify a Limited Liability Company for income tax purposes?
FAQ: Delaware Non-Profit Corporations Non-Profit Corporations are exempt from obtaining a Delaware business license and paying the gross receipts tax.

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