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FAQ: Florida Property Tax Information about Florida's property tax system.
FAQ: Florida Sales and Use Tax Each sale, admission charge, storage, or rental is taxable unless the transaction is exempt.
FAQ: Florida Communications Services Tax Communications services tax applies to telecommunications, video, direct-to-home satellite, and related services.
FAQ: Florida Corporate Income Tax Corporations that conduct business or earn income in Florida must file a Florida return unless exempt-even if no tax is due.
FAQ: Florida Documentary Stamp Tax Documentary stamp tax is levied at the rate of $.70 per $100 on documents that transfer interest in Florida real property
FAQ: Florida Estate Tax Click on "Site Preview & Search" to view a summary of this resource or to search the resource web site before you visit.
FAQ: Florida Fuel Tax A person must get one or more licenses to store, import, export, carry, blend, apply for a refund, or sell fuel in Florida.
FAQ: Florida Intangible Personal Property Tax Effective January 1, 2007, Florida repealed the annual tax on intangible personal property such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, money market funds, and unsecured notes.
FAQ: Florida Pollutants Tax Pollutants includes any petroleum product, as well as pesticides, ammonia, chlorine, and solvents.
FAQ: Florida Reemployment Tax (formerly Unemployment Tax) What Florida Employers Need to Know About Florida Reemployment Tax (formerly Unemployment Tax).

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