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FAQ: Nevada Use Tax Nevada use Tax applies to mail order, Internet, phone, and other purchases of tangible personal property on which sales tax has not been paid.
FAQ: Nevada - Why hasn't my check cleared? It could take as long as 15 days for your check to clear your account.
FAQ: Nevada Bank Excise Tax Imposed on each bank for each branch office in each county in the State of Nevada. The tax is calculated on those Nevada branch locations that were open for business on the first day of a given calendar quarter. The tax rate is $1,750 per branch per quarter.
FAQ: Nevada Estate Tax Nevada Estate Tax Information and FAQ's.
FAQ: Nevada General Tax Questions General questions and answers about the Nevada Department of Taxation.
FAQ: Nevada Insurance Tax Nevada imposes a tax of 3.5 percent of net direct premiums written and net direct considerations written in the state. Qualified Risk Retention Groups pay a premium tax of 2 percent.
FAQ: Nevada Liquor Tax and Regulation Nevada intoxicating liquor laws control and regulate the distribution of liquor within the borders of Nevada by use of the three tier system.
FAQ: Nevada Lodging Tax The tax imposed on room rental is Lodging Tax. Scroll down to "Lodging Tax on Hotels & Motels etc." for more information.
FAQ: Nevada Modified Business Tax Every Nevada employer subject to Unemployment Tax is also subject to the Modified Business Tax on total gross wages less employee health care benefits. There are certain modifications and exceptions.
FAQ: Nevada Motor Fuel Tax Effective January 1, 2002, Motor Vehicle Fuel Taxes have been collected by the Department Of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety (DMV & PS), Motor Carrier Bureau. Questions regarding this change should be directed to the DMV at (775) 684-4711.

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