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FAQ: South Carolina Admissions Tax Admissions tax must be collected by all places of amusement in South Carolina in the amount of 5 percent of paid admissions.
FAQ: South Carolina Beer, Wine and Alcoholic Liquor Taxes South Carolina regulates the commerce in alcoholic beverages through a three-tiered distribution and licensing scheme that strictly separates manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing interests into distinct tiers of operation.
FAQ: South Carolina Bingo Regulation and Fees Bingo is legal in South Carolina to allow nonprofit organizations, licensed by the SCDOR, to generate funds to support their activities. The nonprofit organizations contract with a licensed solicitor and/or promoter to manage, operate, or conduct a game. Special laws govern the way Bingo is to be conducted.
FAQ: South Carolina Cigarette and Tobacco Tax All persons selling, purchasing, distributing or importing cigarettes or tobacco products in South Carolina is required to pay the tax.
FAQ: South Carolina Corporate Income Tax South Carolina taxes the income of corporations at a five percent rate. State taxable income is federal taxable income with certain South Carolina modifications.
FAQ: South Carolina Deed Fee This deed recording fee is imposed for the privilege of recording a deed where realty is transferred to another person in South Carolina. The fee is $1.85 on realty value of $100 to $500 and $1.30 for each $500 increment.
FAQ: South Carolina Electric Power Tax Electric Cooperatives are not subject to income tax, but rather the license fee that consists of 2 components.
FAQ: South Carolina Individual Income Tax Click on the "FAQ" tab under Individual Income Tax.
FAQ: South Carolina Motor Carrier Property Tax (LLGS) Property tax on vehicles with a GVW greater than 26,000 pounds and buses for hire designed to carry 16 or more passengers including the driver.
FAQ: South Carolina Motor Fuel The Motor Fuel User Fee (tax) for gasoline and low sulfur diesel must be charged by the supplier and fuel vendor regardless of how the product will be used. However, there are refund provisions that allow end users to receive a refund based on how the product is used.

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