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Tennessee Tax FAQ Links:

FAQ: Tennessee Sales and Use Tax Tennessee sales and use tax questions and answers.
FAQ: Tennessee Electronic Payment A taxpayer must submit payment electronically once the average tax payments meet the minimum threshold.
FAQ: Tennessee Franchise and Excise Tax Answers to tax questions regarding Tennessee nexus, filing, payment, loss carryovers and more.
FAQ: Tennessee Income Tax Individual income tax questions and answers. For corporate taxes, see the franchise and excise tax faq.
FAQ: Tennessee Oil and Tire Taxes Sellers of new motor vehicle tires must pay a $1.35 pre-disposal fee for each new tire sold.
FAQ: Tennessee Professional Privilege Tax Levied on the privilege of having an active license to practice certain professions, businesses or occupations.
FAQ: Tennessee Tax Fraud Tax fraud is simply "cheating" by intentionally paying less tax than is legally due.
FAQ: Tennessee Title and Registration Tennessee vehicle title and registration questions and answers.
FAQ: Tennessee Unauthorized Substances Tax Tennessee state excise tax levied on controlled substances and certain illicit alcoholic beverages.

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